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We created Reveal Fragrance to make luxury perfumes affordable for everyone, without compromising on quality or performance. By minimizing costly endorsements and retailer markups, our fragrances defy traditional pricing models so that you can enjoy a luxurious scent at an attractive price!


Reveal Fragrance operates as a fragrance brand for men and women. We offer an array of premium scents recreated with clean, ethically sourced ingredients that are long lasting while maintaining the quality and olfactory profile that you have come to expect from luxury brands.

Our journey begins in the small town of Grasse, in the French riviera. Grasse is un-officially known as the perfume capital of the world, and perfume is often a family story. Fragrance houses are steeped in history, with some dating back several hundred years. Reveal Fragrance fragrances are created in one such house which dates back to 1921.

Our brand name is derived from the word KIN, and Reveal Fragrance loosely translates to house of a trusted friend. And that is what we aspire to be.

Our ultimate goal is to create a memorable experience for you, and that is what we have in mind when we create our products.

Everything that bears the Reveal Fragrance name, is tailored to a personal vision of luxury.

Reveal Fragrance HQ is in Laguna Beach, California.



Reveal Fragrance brings luxury to your doorstep with vegan & clean source fragrances inspired by luxury brands. We eliminate retail and distribution markups and offer premium quality scents at up to 90% less.

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